Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gift


There’ two types of people when it comes to baby shower presents. That one friend who has been preparing since the beginning of the month for your first baby and the last minute shoppers, the ones who have no clue what kind of gifts will be perfect.
Are you planning a baby shower this month? We have a guide list for you.

For the baby

There are essentials you can never have enough of from bottles, diapers, a thermometer, a stroller or a set of baby care creams and powders. These should always be on your list when considering what to buy.
You’ll make her work so much easier by getting her a multipurpose baby bag to carry all these things whenever she needs to be up and about.

Adorable outfits up are well in the classics. Getting them in a few sizes up cushions the reality of the baby growing out of clothes quickly. Such as onesies and body suits are number one culprits of this. You can get these in a variety of cute colors and the baby will be using them for a long while.


For the mother.
These are great for showing appreciation to her as well so that when everyone has left she too has something to pamper her. A gift for mothers heavily anchors on ‘me time’ or something that could take the load off her new-found priorities.

A gift of a massage and a pedicure, booking a date-night for just her and hubby could come too or hiring professionals to house clean and organize after the shower can make a perfectly needed gift.
Parenting books, a new set of clothes etc are some of the items you should add in your list.


From the heart
A hand crocheted a hat, sweater, booties, and blanket, are things that were made especially for your baby with love. To re-gift clothes worn as a baby, toys played with as a child, and even things had as a child are sentimental gifts that are truly priceless. Plus, with the age of digital a scrap book for the baby’s pictures, hand and foot prints along with letters from mum and dad as they grow up would beautifully hit home.

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