Designing a Party Invitation Card

Party Inviatation pics


Planning a perfect party is all good but who attends is what makes it worthwhile. Although it’s not only the people that come but also the impression you make about the party before and after the party date. We need to capture your guests’ attention from the party invitations to the goodie bags they’ll be later carrying home when it’s all over.

Often, planning a party invitation is a step many skip, however it has its benefits. The main reason of having an invitation is to confirm attendance. I remember inviting a lot of people only to be left with a heap of perishables when the amount of people anticipated never showed… trust me you want a party invitation. With it people receive formal notice and plan with you about the party.

Everybody who’s anybody knows that a great invite assures a memorable experience. The kind that will be spoken of for times to come. The kinds that make memories for you and especially your child.

First decide on a type of invite. You could make an e-card. There are many template designs to choose from on online platform that allow you to create amazing designs without any graphic design skills and are easy to use: free even. Simply, go to the website or download, change the images; upload your own images or choose from the stock library. Change the fonts, change the background and the colors to whatever suits the party concept.

if you’re old fashioned you could use actual hand-written card invitations. These have a more personal and classy feel to them and are better at capturing the moment because the gravity of importance of both the receiver and the party.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to put vital information on your party invitations. Whether it’s a name, date or number, leaving out even a single piece of information can cause potential attendees to be confused. Sure, recipients can always call and inquire but you want to make sure that everything is captured on the party invitation for the convenience of your guests. Only include the essentials and basic information, which are legible and set it on stone.


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