Halloween Birthday Party

halloween bday party ideas

All hallows day may suffer from enough stigma but we believe that it’s a day full of possibilities. It is practically been reduced to a day of dress up. So let’s have fun with it. It is important to dress this day as your own and in this case a birthday party.

There’ a few important things that form the skeleton a good party. The theme and decorations, entertainment i.e games and food and snacks. It’s customary to give your guests moments to carry home remember the event with. Also don’t shy away from using your faith, there’ plenty of scenes that can explored from them.

  • Decoration theme

Settle on a theme and decorate accordingly or mix and match. Try and use characters your child loves. A few ideas may be from Alice in wonderland, book of life, king of Egypt, Queen Ester, historic heroes and princes/princesses to mention but a few . okay we have theme, now let’s decorate.

An idea for lights is to fill  cylindrical glass vases or jars with battery-operated lights (like Christmas lights) kid-safe, fireproof luminaries. Put the lights in the jar and stick the battery on the lid, turn it on, close and hug or line them up and watch them sparkle up the room. If you’re using vases you could hide the battery at the bottom, cover with sand and light up the party. From our previous article on fun experiments make glowy liquids that will add fun to the room.

Two. Three words, bedazzled treat bags. These come in handy at place setting or accessories to pack goodies in for your guests when they leave. Give plain bags and by using a pattern (or animal silhouette), trace it on the fabric and use glue to trace in the pattern, or mix fabric to bring out an artistic feel. Then sprinkle glitter on the glue to  customize to give out as party favors. Through out the party let the children fill them with candy as they play their treasure games.

For the venue, think old mosquito nets dipped in coffee to give it that old creepy web decor. Rip holes into the net for effect. Wrap old clean tin containers with old bandage, add big goofy cut out eyes for mummy cans that you can fill with lolly pops hidden all over for a game of how many can be found. use double tap to stick up cut outs of characters from the theme you picked on. Glow in the dark material is a favorite and over laying cut out over a contrasting colored one too.

  • Games

A game of Hang man always gets us nervous plus if you split the party into teams can make for a fun learning and rescue mission. Make up the questions yourself and let the mission begin.

Wrap it up. Buy some cheap wrapping paper or toilet paper, trimmings and bows. Split the kids up into teams of two. One child will be wrapped and the other is in charge of wrapping up the child like a present. Play music so the teams can start wrapping up. When you turn the music off the kids need to stop. The team whose present is more or wrapped wins. We all love a game of charades. Write down actions, events and characters and have them guess what it is. Whoever has the most guesses at the time limit wins.

Feel in the mystery box game . The players reaching into dark boxes to feel items like “eyeballs, bones, guts, and fingers”. The trick to this game is that inside the boxes are actually everyday items that the players will need to try to guess the identity of.  Some stuff you can use are over cooked rice as maggots, Pudding with peas as vomit, mud for pudding, Peeled tomato for a heart, dried pasta as bones… Have fun.

  • Snacks

Have a cupcake decorating Party with a little help from an adult, kids can top pre-baked cupcakes with Prepare frosting of their favorite flavor of icing in assorted colors and place in icing bags so the kids can easily squeeze frosting onto their cupcakes and a variety of your Halloween-themed candies and sparkles. Which you can then get creative with labels like emojis, or eat me and drink me.

Do fruit juice with tonic water to add a bit of fun. Or beetroot juice with a bit of lime. Some lemonade and why not, some soft drinks. Play with shapes as you shape your mandazis, coat them with powdered sugar and fill them for fun surprise.

With all the boxes checked,  welcome to a fun unforgettable day.

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