Halloween Costume Themes

halloween costumes for kids

Let’s talk Halloween. The holiday where you get to dress up and be who ever you want. I believe you can still get away with themed Halloween birthday parties. So here are top five Halloween themed party ideas and games to match for this year, including last minute themes and costumes as a few bonus ideas. For this list We’ve scanned some of the most popular movies and trends of the year to compile our list. Feel free to add your own taste to it

First theme, is montage for the scary people out there is to pick from the very popular movie IT and from the beloved graphic game mortal combat. For IT put on a clown ensemble bright and colorful but with creepy make-up to resemble Pennywise and blown-up balloons to match. An easy fix for costumes for this theme is a yellow raincoat. Fill the balloons with glitter and pieces of instructions arranged in a triangular formation as in the movie. Let the kids with courage approach, pop a balloon and play out the instructions. You can also play musical chairs only let each child wear yellow raincoats and hold paper made boats. When the music stops and there’s a child left standing, Pennywise comes to take them away. Maybe someone can say ‘finish him’ as he approaches slow with a smile.

This ranges from superheroes and heroines, Pirate or anyone from game of thrones and harry potter, princesses and Queens. This is perfect for those kids who don’t want to go too far out of their comfort zone and want to be the good guy. Perhaps you’re running out of time to do a full beauty and the beast theme but there are options like Zombie, mummy, offered from the handmaid’s tale (red cloak and red headpiece or bonnet) that are classic and easy to create. Play games like wrap the mummy with inexpensive toilet paper, guess who in the handmaid’s cloak borrow from spyful and lastly play a game of theme songs from the fictional movies. Whoever guesses right wins

There’ a couple go to that have been trending like re-creating filters from Instagram, to emoji cut outs or t shirt prints with leggings or be a unicorn. Make yourself into your favorite filter and build a photo-booth around it to snap with later. But why stop there, a full suit with a sorry name tag to make a fine formal apology or a kid in a hoodie with loads of ring candy as a candy rapper. Give the kids puns costumes to make and have them guess what each other is. Some are french toast, smart cookie, Rosie the riveter, iron man and gingerbread man. You could judge on how recognizable they are, use of color and accessories.

The love for the Korean Pop music culture continues to grow with their catchy tunes and colorful outfits striking an impressive fan base. And as a bonus more cute than graphic. Thank you. This theme is perfect when you have many children who insist on being a team. Let them pick out their teams; the costumes end up looking close to the everyday wear and have fun. There are many online games of guessing which group and dancing out their choreography that they can dance to and whoever gets the most questions wins.

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